Are your dryer vents a potential fire threat?

– Dryer lint is highly flammable, and according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, represents over 15,000 dryer vent fires a year!

– Many commercial clothes dryers are gas-powered. If the vent is plugged with lint, an animal nest or other debris, lethal carbon monoxide gas issues may result.

– Lint build-up results in dryers that require more energy, therefore money, to run.

What makes Pro Cleaning Services the very best option for cleaning your dryer vents?

– We are professionals in cleaning up even huge, difficult-to-access, dryer vent systems.

– Interior remote electronic camera to determine if there is a plugged or disconnected “hidden” vent.

– Technicians accredited by the CSIA as Dryer Exhaust Technicians. We understand the various codes and requirements for securely venting your dryers.

– Can clean up even concealed vents.

– Can clear out interior of the majority of clothing dryers.

– After hours and weekends to accommodate your schedule.

Our commercial clothes dryer vent clients include:

– Laundromats

– Apartment Complexes

– Pet Stores

– Assisted Living Facilities

– Colleges

– Hotels

– Health Care Facilities

Dryer vent list:

– Laundry load needs to dry in one cycle

– Dryer duct should be at least as large in diameter as the dryer outlet

– Use metal joint tape to protect dryer vent. Don’t utilize rivets or screws, cause they gather lint

– Any “concealed” ducting should be stiff aluminum or galvanized pipe

– Use versatile or rigid metal pipeline in between dryer and duct. Do not use plastic vent

– Always vent dryer to outdoors. Do not vent into basement or chimney