Chimney cleaning has to be done routinely to lower the fire risks

Chimney Cleaning

How often should i get my chimney cleaned?

You need to get your chimney cleaned up a minimum of when a year. If you use a stove, even twice a year is suggested. They have a smaller sized flue than traditional fireplaces and this suggests that more creosote can develop inside.

  Creosote impacts stove performance
Creosote reduces the draft in the chimney, indicating less oxygen gets to the firebox. This triggers fire not to burn as hot or as efficient and the result is even greater creosote build-up.

  My chimney hasn’t been cleaned up and I never had a problem
Chimney cleaning needs to be done routinely which assists reducing and preventing fire. In numerous cases heat and sparks from the chimney trigger the fire to spread out to roofs and surrounding structures and a chimney fire is very challenging to extinguish.

Chimney Sweep

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