Preventing birds and rodents from taking up home in your dryer vent

Bird Guard Installation

Bird Guards Installation can save your entire household

Prevents birds and rodents from taking up home in your dryer vent. Birds nest can cause a nasty surprise for homeowners by not only obstructing the vent however avoiding the wetness from the dryer to leave.

   Bad smell is a sign
If you observe any bad smells from the dryer, there is an excellent opportunity a bird(s) has actually taken house in your dryer line.

  Birds feces can trigger serious harm to humans
We’ve encountered lots of people who feel it isn’t essential to get rid of the bird and safeguard these ducts. Nevertheless, contrary to belief, while they may look “cute” their feces can trigger serious harm to humans, and even death. Bird feces when dried can end up being airborne and infect a human rapids, specifically if nesting in the tidy air intakes of the home.

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