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Chimney Sweep Manhattan New York

A common misconception may be that you only need to get rid of the soot when furnace cleaning. In fact, not cleaning your chimney properly can result in a home heating fire. Chimneys need to be inspected in addition to cleaning.

You should have your chimney inspected at least once per year. Cleaning, on the other hand, will vary based on how often you use the contraption. You will most likely need to hire a professional chimney sweep more than one time per year if operator, venting system and selected fuel are incompatible.

Why a Good Furnace Cleaning is Important

Burning fires causes an acidic residue to adhere to your chimney, which can cause it to begin breaking down. Another byproduct of the partial combustion process is creosote. Creosote has properties that make it susceptible to catch fire and consequently set your home ablaze.

If you are someone who uses your chimney sparingly, you will benefit from inspections because animals may begin making their home in the area, which will impede the chimney passageway. This issue can be resolved by adding a rain cap to keep water from accumulating inside your chimney and prevent animals from nesting inside of it.

Give us a call at if you can no longer see through to the rain cap of your chimney. You are also welcome to give us a ring if you are in need of a rain cap.

What to Expect from Chimney Sweep Services

– Before we begin cleaning, we will observe the chimney elements to gauge their accessibility and which tools will be best suited for the job. -We observe your chimney from inside and outside of the home to determine the condition of its component parts.

  • We then make sure that no incendiary substances are in the way to avert fire hazards.
  • Our certified expert will continue the inspection to make sure there are no leaves or animal inhabitants inside of the chimney.
  • We then determine the presence of creosote to make sure the buildup will not ignite.

Level one inspections like this along with the chimney sweeping process generally only take around an hour and a half tops. You can request a level two inspection if you have recently had a fire or earthquake.

You should similarly have a level two inspection anytime you alter the fuel you are using in your chimney. You can reach us to get clarification on the two types of inspections.

Signs You Need a Professional Chimney Sweeping Service

Our chimney sweep Manhattan New York services are reputable for providing families with cleaner air and safer chimneys. The brushes and inspection materials we use will help us restore your creosote-covered chimney in no time. Here are the signs you should call us now:

– It has become difficult for you to either start or maintain a fire. -This is a surefire sign that you need a chimney sweeper. -It results from poor ventilation at the chimney shaft. -Too much ventilation= inability to start fire -Too little ventilation= cannot maintain the fire – A nasty pungent odor while burning your fireplace can signify the need for a cleaning. -Nasty odors can let you know that the chimney shaft has a poorly functioning updraft system. – Smoke accumulates when you burn wood. -This signifies an obstruction in the shaft.

  • The damper is difficult to open or close.
  • You can actually hear animals moving around in there.

-Bird nests and homes for other animals can provide the fuel for an unwanted house fire.

Chimney Sweep Process

Quite naturally, we will adjust our cleaning methods to fit the buildup and conditions of your chimney in particular. However, our general method includes applying tarp to prevent soot from making its way to furnishings and belongings inside your home.

Our certified technician will then climb onto the rooftop to begin the sweeping process. They will use chimney specific brushes and rods to sweep the buildup moving from the top towards the bottom. Once this is done, they will come back into your home to begin vacuuming.

Chimney Liners and their Importance

A chimney liner can be likened to the tailpipe of a vehicle. It functions to keep your household from inhaling any toxic gases. The liner must be clear of debris in order to function properly. If you do not have a chimney liner, you need to invest in one as soon as possible. Other signs that you need another chimney liner are as follows:

-Your chimney is lined with terracotta tiles that are deteriorating and shifting around.

-You installed or will install a brand-new furnace.

-The furnace size is not compatible with the chimney.

-Your chimney caught on fire.

What You will Gain from A Chimney Sweep

A clean chimney will function properly and allow proper exhaustion of harmful gases and byproducts to the outside of your house. As such, it will be much safer to use your fireplace to heat your home without worrying about a spontaneous house fire.

When your fireplace is more efficient, you will not have to burn as much wood to keep the fire going. Additionally, you decrease the likelihood that you will inhale carbon monoxide or other gases that prove detrimental to your health.

Choosing to hire a professional chimney sweep instead of going the DIY route will help you to save more money in the long run. We will be able to remove any of the particles that cover the adhere to the liner, masonry and smoke shelf.

Removing this buildup sooner rather than later will help to decrease the amount of wear on the chimney so that it will have a longer lifespan before you must make some repairs.

Your cleaning can similarly expose developing problems in the masonry so you can address the mole hill before it becomes a mountain. The best course of action is always prevention.

Our low rates make it insane to skip on a chimney inspection and sweep just to find yourself in the middle of a house fire or needing to replace major components of the chimney. We are here to help 24 hours a day.

You may be wary as you consider which professional cleaning service you prefer to use, but we are masters in the business. Our certification validates our dedication to excellence, and our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Our staff is here to assist you through the entire process.

The difference with us lies in our knowledge and excellent customer service. Many professional chimney sweeps have the knowledge how in regards to completing the service. They fall short, however, when it comes to customer service.

We take the time to walk you through the process so that you are well-informed of our actions at every step. Moreover, we will let you in on tips to maintain your chimney for even longer. We are only a phone call away. Call now for your free estimate!