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Carpet Cleaning Ramtown

Carpet Cleaning Ramtown

What Can Live In Carpeting?

When a human being looks at a carpet, it’s likely their first thought isn’t, “Wow, what a nice home for potentially harmful organisms I can’t see!” Regardless, the unfortunate truth is that many organisms can make a carpet home, some of which are harmful to humans. They can also damage a carpet to the point where it’s irreparable. To know which organisms can be found living in carpeting, read through this blog.

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Do Bed Bugs Live in Carpets?

While bed bugs are pests that are often associated with bedding, they can live in carpets as well. They love warm areas, they only come out at night, and they don’t just attack humans but pets also. They can be hard to spot with the human eye, especially if they’re buried within the fibers of a carpet.

A professional area rug cleaning service will eliminate bed bugs, though if the bed bugs have spread to another location, cleaning the carpet alone may not be enough. This is why bed bug infestations usually require a whole-home fumigation.

How Common Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles usually are found in wool rugs, sheepskin rugs, and other kinds of rugs that are for the most part made of organic material, though they can negatively impact any kind of carpet. They don’t reproduce as quickly as other pests, though they can still cause a range of problems. Although these don’t bite humans, making contact with one can cause an allergic reaction.

Carpet beetles are easier to spot, though they do blend in with certain kinds of carpet fibers, like those found on Turkish rugs. While carpet beetles can be found in pantries as well, usually a carpet beetle infestation is localized to a carpet, and therefore whole-home fumigation is usually not necessary.

Do Dust Mites Live in Carpets?

Dust mites can also make carpets home, and they can adversely affect someone who has allergies or respiratory issues. They are microscopic and therefore unidentifiable by the human eye. Moreover, they spread allergens all around the home.

Although dust mites are often associated with bedding like bed bugs are, they can be found throughout homes and even in offices that have carpeting. Dust mites feed on the skin that humans are shedding all the time, so areas where humans sit or rest for a considerable amount of time are prime real estate for dust mites. And if there’s moisture in your kitchen, dust mites can find this area habitable, even if there’s no carpeting around.

Can Fleas Live In Carpeting?

Fleas can live in carpeting, though this isn’t an ideal home for them. There are more than 2,000 flea species, and these tiny pests move fast, so often it’s hard to see them. Usually, they’re identified only after an infestation has begun. They bite humans and can live on them, though their ideal home is on pets with long hair. They need blood to reproduce, and this is why they bite.

If one of your pets has made a carpet their favorite sleeping spot, fleas will love this, as they can go from the carpet to your pet and then reproduce under your furry friend’s coat. Unfortunately, fleas, like bed bugs, can spread rapidly, so once an infestation begins, it’s likely a whole-home fumigation will be needed to get rid of them.

What Does a Moth Infestation Do to Carpeting?

A moth infestation can be especially damaging to carpeting. Moths don’t really adversely affect humans, but they will eat away at the fibers of a carpet. Like carpet beetles, they get most of their sustenance from carpets that are made of organic material. Moths are easier to eliminate when compared to other kinds of pests, and they’re also easier to identify.

One thing that makes them problematic is they fly around, so they can go from a carpet to a closet and then wreak havoc on your clothes. Usually though, a moth infestation will be localized to a carpet, which means a simple rug cleaning and moth treatment should remove them.

How Do Mold and Mildew Affect Carpeting?

Mold and mildew tend to grow on carpets that are damp. If your carpet has been waterlogged by a flood, and if it isn’t able to dry out properly, mold and mildew can grow. These growths can not only weaken the fibers of a carpet but also be very harmful to humans. Mold spores in particular can go airborne, and if these are inhaled in great quantity, a range of respiratory issues can result. Getting professional rug cleaning is the best way to eliminate mold and mildew, as professionals have the know-how, products, and tools needed to eliminate both growths.

Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Kill the Bugs and Germs That Live in Carpets?

To get rid of the critters that can live in carpeting, most carpet owners bring in professional carpet cleaners. While whole-home infestations are more than a carpet cleaner can handle, all carpet-related infestations can be handled by professionals. Most of the time, the cleaning and fumigation processes are executed at a facility, as here a carpet cleaner will have all they need to achieve high-quality results.

Although some carpet owners try to tackle these problems DIY, it’s much better to have the professionals handle oriental rug cleaning. After all, professionals know how to effectively eliminate all the organisms that can live in carpets. Moreover, a DIY carpet cleaning could damage the carpet.

Call (917) 920-7271 now if your carpet has been overrun by any of the critters discussed in this blog. Our expert Persian carpet cleaners in Ramtown will get rid of them and make your carpet not only attractive to the senses but totally safe and clean as well. And we’ll do this in a timely manner and for a price that can’t be beat.