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Carpet Cleaning Farmingdale

What Makes Carpeting Dirty?

Carpets boast a range of attractive features, especially when they’re new and clean. But a carpet will not stay in good condition forever, and eventually it will get dirty. But what exactly makes a carpet dirty? Moreover, can a dirty carpet be harmful? And is there ever a point where a carpet is too dirty to be cleaned? For answers to these questions and others like them, read through this blog.

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What Particles and Organisms Can Be Found on Carpets?

When most people think of a dirty carpet, they think of carpets that are rife with just that—dirt! But many more particles and even some organisms can make a carpet dirty, and the common negative elements are briefly explained below:


Although several different elements are classified as dirt, the dirt that’s often found in carpets is sand, slit, soil, and clay. Dirt tends to be granular, though these granules can come together and create larger masses of dirt on the carpet.

Then there’s mud, which comes from water or another liquid being added to a mass of dirt. Mud can be especially problematic for carpets because of its liquid state. When mud dries on a carpet, it’s easier to remove, though the damage may already have been done.


Dust is another element that can make a carpet dirty. Dust is lighter and thinner than dirt, though it too can collect and become thick. Dust is comprised of numerous kinds of matter, and it’s been found that, in homes, nearly 50% of the matter in dust is dead skin cells. Dust is easier to remove from carpeting than dirt, though caked-on dust can still present a range of problems.

Food & Drink Stains

Food and drink stains also make carpets dirty, and these, like dirt and dust patches, are common. But not all stains are equal, and often the type of stain determines its severity. For example, coffee, berries, wine, and chocolate stains can be harmful to a carpet’s fibers and even permanently alter the color, shape, and soundness. When food and drink stains occur on a carpet, it’s best to get these addressed quickly, as the more time a stain has to set, the harder it’ll be to remove.

Pet Stains & Hair

The furry friends humans keep at home can also make carpets dirty. Whether you have a cat or a dog, eventually you’ll have to deal with urination stains, throw-up stains, or just the general smell of pets. Pet hair can also make a carpet dirty. When pet-related stains are making your carpet dirty, it’s best to bring in professional rug cleaners, as usually deep rug cleaning is required.

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are two common growths that tend to spawn from dampness. If your carpet has sustained water damage, then it’s likely mold and mildew will grow on it eventually. These elements can make a carpet look visually unappealing, and they can weaken it. Moreover, both growths are harmful to humans and pets.

Can a Dirty Carpet Be Harmful?

A dirty carpet can be harmful to both humans and animals, especially if exposure to the dirty carpet is prolonged. Dirty carpets can be home to all the negative elements listed above, and also allergens, bacteria, and viruses can make a carpet home. This explains why individuals who have respiratory issues, allergies, etc. tend to experience flare-ups when they’re around dirty carpets.

How Does Dirt Affect a Carpet Long Term?

If a carpet is left to become more and more dirty, a variety of negative consequences could result from this. For example, the granules of dirt that are deep in the carpet will wear down the fibers, especially if there’s consistent foot traffic shifting the granules around. Plus, grime can alter the visual appeal of a carpet, so much so that it may even change the colors and therefore alter the design. And since a dirty carpet is laden with granules of all kinds, it will feel rough instead of soft.

Can a Carpet Still Look Dirty After Cleaning?

Yes, a carpet can still look dirty after cleaning, but this tends to be the case only when cleaning hasn’t been executed properly. Specifically, if the dirty water is not thoroughly removed from the carpet’s fibers, it may solidify and form a grimy slime that’s not only hideous but damaging to boot. A lot of DIYers have to deal with this sludge, which is another reason why most carpet cleaners prefer using professional area rug cleaning services over doing DIY cleaning.

Is Routine Vacuuming Enough to Keep a Carpet Clean?

Some carpet owners believe that routine vacuuming is enough to keep a carpet clean, but this isn’t the case. The granules of dirt can get deep into a carpet, and then a vacuum can’t reach them. Also, a vacuum won’t be able to do anything about mold, mud, or grime. Vacuums are great for removing surface-level dirt and dust, but to get at the really harmful and damaging elements, professional Persian rug cleaning services will be required.

Where Does Mold Grow on a Carpet?

Although mold can grow on any part of a carpet, it tends to grow under the backing. If mold has grown on the fibers, it’s likely the carpet’s mold infestation is quite significant. It grows on the backing first because this area tends to remain damp after the carpet has been exposed to water. Mold-infested carpets are often found in areas where there’s frequent water exposure, such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and porches.

How Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Get Rid of Dirt?

Professional carpet cleaners use special tools, cleaning products, and methods to make carpets both spotless and sanitary. They can also deodorize carpets and treat them so they’re more stain-resistant. A lot of carpet owners try DIY carpet cleaning because it saves a few bucks, but often DIYers achieve just a fraction of what professionals can achieve from oriental rug cleaning.

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